About MTW


Move The World is a new project, a movement, a philosophy for the whole world to embrace. The vision is to bring artists and children around the world together through music, dance, theatre and creative workshops to explore the meaning of love and respect. Our first goal is to create a musical piece of work that includes people, rhythms, melodies and lyrics from various cultures and backgrounds across the globe to inspire a generation of youth.



About Maximilian Magnus


Maximilian Felix Magnus Schmidbauer (Maximilian Magnus) was born in the Bavarian countryside in 1984 to a most creative and accomplished family of scenic painters, sculptors and actors. He trained as a set painter in Baden-Baden, Germany between 2004 and 2007 and received an influental scholarship to travel and work at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center, NY, USA in 2007.

Upon his return a year later he took over his father’s prestigious business and founded the Academy of Scenic Painting & Arts, as well as the Children Arts Academy, where creative workshops for children of different social and ethnic backgrounds are held. He continued to work at the Watermill Center for five consecutive summers giving workshops to international artists and participating in the summer program himself.


In 2009, he was invited as the very first artist in residence at Willem de Kooning’s Studio, where he also met and started working with Lisa de Kooning in order to firmly establish the AIR program.

During 2008/2009 his background as a set painter led him to work for amongst others Rufus Weinwright, Norah Jones and Andrey Bartenev creating visual design for both installations and events.

His latest moves in 2014 and 2015 brought him to Sao Paulo, where he stayed for several months upon invitation to the AIR program at Tofiq House. The palpable inequalities and gaping chasm between rich and poor that is so very present in Brazil inspired the artist to found and develop the movement Move the World, a carefully composed series of workshops in various cities and countries bringing together famous musicians and children from especially deprived social backgrounds. With a strong emphasis on the creative process, involving music and dance, and an equal focus on the outcome and final product, a music video, Maximilian Magnus is hugely interested in contributing to world peace through better communication and redistribution of resources and goods.

Magnus’ work has been exhibited widely and internationally including at Biennale of Young Art, Moscow, 2010 / Musaramix Festival, Jerusalem, 2013 / Thresholds, Trafo, Stettin, Poland, 2013 / I’mpossible, CU1 Gallery Miami, Miami Art Basel, 2013 / 1a Coletiva Experimenta, Galeria Lume, Sao Paulo, 2014 / Macrocosmi / Patterns of a new Order, Berlin Art Week, Berlin, 2015



Vision for one of the first Move the World project is called "your rhythm, my rhythm" 




We will bring children and artists together in workshops on 7 continents, 7 countries and 7 cities for 7 days at a time.


These children, from all cultures and backgrounds, will be asked “What’s the Rhythm of Love, Live, Respect, Sharing and Caring”? They will express themselves through sounds and movements. Each city and its expressions will be the inspiration for our artists to create:


1. the lyrics and rhythms for a song

2. the movements for a dance

3. the final combination of these two will create a music video


This will be our “World Song and Dance” that will infect the planet with love, unity, respect and peace. It will be released at the end of the year.


We hope to inspire the World to continue in this tradition, participating in the creation of more in this tradition.




Our goal is to raise money to support this project’s basic travel, materials, rentals, food, and organizational costs.  




To support the Move The World movement please email us at team@maximilianmagnus.com